Sugcon India 2018 Retrospective

SUGCON 2018, India, a memorable experience

 Sugcon India 1

India (Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Bengaluru) got the chance to host the first Sitecore User Group Conference(SUGCON) of South East Asia region in 2018, after 4 years from the first ever SUGCON held in Netherlands in 2014. Me and Ali feel proud to be part of this historic event. Here are some of insights from the event which was sponsored by Microsoft and Horizontal Integration.

Day 1

The conference started with Keynote from Pieter Brinkman(Senior Director Technical Marketing at Sitecore), Rob Earlham(Technical Evangelist at Sitecore), Akshay Sura and Sabin Ephrem addressing to the Sitecore community and talking about Innovation, Machine learning, Personalisation and sharing of knowledge via different community initiative.

The first session was on TAKING SITECORE HEADLESS WITH SITECORE JSS, by Chaturanga Ranatunga. In this session he showcased how JSS can empower the front-end developers without depending much on Sitecore. His demo helped us understand how with JSS we can have the Sitecore application up and running without using any C# code, Sitecore template, layouts and renderings.

 Sugcon India 2

The next session was on BASICS OF XCONNECT by Alok Kadudeshmukh where he spoke about the changes in xDB in Sitecore 9 and previous versions, xConnect Model, Contacts Identifier (Anonymous and Known).The last session of the day was on SITECORE 9 FORM CUSTOMISATION by Vikas Kumar in which he discussed about the features of new Sitecore Forms that is integrated in Sitecore 9 and it comparison with WFFM.

  Sugcon India 3

Sugcon India 4

Day 2

The second day started with the distribution of Sitecore MVP 2018 India awards and gifts for the highest number of social media post #SUGCON2018 India.

The first session of the day was AN INTRODUCTION TO SITECORE EXPERIENCE COMMERCE, by  Rob Earlam. The session was very interesting where he showed us the power of experience commerce by building a quick product catalogue, integration with analytics and marketing automation. He spoke about the XC9 features, new Merchandiser interface, Order and Customer management functionality with enhanced promotion qualifications and benefits, SxA Storefronts.

 Sugcon India 5

Sugcon India 6


Me and Ali got a chance to personally meet and discuss with Rob on Ecommerce.


The next session was on SITECORE INSTALLATION FRAMEWORK (SIF) QUICKSTART. Hardeep explained and gave a demo on use of SIF with PowerShell module to install and configure Sitecore topology under different condition.

Sugcon India 7 

 The third session, SITECORE ON THE WAY TO CLOUD, gave an insight of deployment of Sitecore on Cloud with Microsoft Azure with various options like scale in and scale out. The session I was looking forward to was TROUBLESHOOT SITECORE LIKE A NINJA. Kiran Patil explained beautifully the techniques needed to troubleshoot and fix different issues and bugs in development/staging/production. The presentation on INTERACTING WITH SUPPORT AND COMMON IMPLEMENTATION MISTAKES enlightened us about the different channels to reach out to the Sitecore support, common mistakes and best practices.

 Sugcon India 8

The next session was EVER-RISING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS by Chris Staley where he spoke about the ever-changing customer expectation in the present world and how to adhere to these expectation by providing an example on Deltas Airlines. The last session was on IMPLEMENTING XC 9 – HABITAT HOME DEMO WALKTHROUGH which agenda was how to develop commerce with Helix with Visual Studio Solution examples and how we can use campaigns to increase visits and engagement of users.

SUGCON 2018 India was a huge success and there was so much to learn and discuss with great heads of Sitecore. Hope to see and learn more from the Sitecore community with such kind of events.

 Sugcon India 9


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