The PIM Accelerator – a unique offer from Sigma based on Stibo Systems PMDM for Retail!

The PIM Accelerator is a viable stand alone PIM solution with integrations, workflows, business rules, DAM and Product Data Syndication. Based on the flexible Stibo STEP platform, it can serve as a MVP (minimal viable product) for a PIM XL solution or a multi domain MDM solution to build upon. The solution is a cloud-based SaaS solution and put together as an Industry Best Practise. The PIM Accelerator is unique because retailers get everything they need and nothing they don’t!

Stibo Systems has been working with global enterprise retailers for many years and is positioned as Leader in The Forrester Wave™, Product Information Management Solutions 2018. Over the years, Stibo Systems has collected a backlog of needs from retailers, and the module Product MDM for Retail was developed to meet those needs. It is an industry best practise solution built as a preconfigured module on the multidomain MDM platform Stibo STEP. We at Sigma, as a trusted partner of Stibo Systems and experts on the platform, has put together an exclusive fixed price package with a 10 week implementation project, including training.

Tailor made, unique offer for retailers

The reason why we can offer a ready-to-go solution with a fixed price and a fixed project timeframe is due to a preconfigured modular setup, combined with our latest Product Data Syndication with standard user roles and workflows, based on best practises from the retail industry.

You will get a Golden Record and an omnichannel platform in place very fast, increase traceability of data, sharing of data, access to data and get rid of inconsistent and duplicated data. The PIM Accelerator with the PDS (Product Data Syndication) enables retailers and suppliers to collaborate smoothly and provides a lean process for onboarding new products as well as managing product information. The solution supports integrations and data models based on industry standards.

The PIM Accelerator will not only reduce the time to market and enable better customer experience through more accessible and accurate data in all sales and marketing channels. It will also reduce customer support and inefficient manual handling, which in turn leads to higher revenue and profit.

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Ready to go PIM or MDM MVP 

At Sigma we believe in delivering value as early as possible, by working according to agile methods with prioritised needs, and make decisions as the project develops. Getting a PIM MVP solution in place could be a great way to start off your MDM journey. Along with the implemented PIM Accelerator you will get a valuable MDM Solution Backlog with all the deployed features and Use Cases documented, as well as other identified needs from your own business. A valuable foundation for a continuous development strategy.

Read more about how we work with Stibo STEP PIM / PMDM for Retail here.