Digital Strategy, where to start?

The management team and the CEO have the responsibility for the company’s goals and future development, but the challenge is to prioritize and to know where to start. Most of the time the more operative questions are the most frequently discussed and there can be a lack of possibilities to discussing a broader picture and strategy. Sometimes this is due to the lack of time, but sometimes also the lack of competence for creating a strategy that should lead your company forward.   

What is a Unified Commerce Strategy?

We know that e-commerce isn’t a tech system, it’s an ecosystem. And sometimes it can be difficult to optimize all areas such as technology, communications and processes so that it exceeds your customers’ expectations. That’s why we’re here to help.

Unified Commerce isn’t only about technical solutions, it’s about the people who will work with it, their clients, customers and team.

We want to understand your business so that we together can improve it. We want to be your strategic partner for your digital challenges. A wise adviser and partner from start to finish for projects and daily business.

Sometimes, changing a system or a process can be enough for boosting your business, sometimes it requires a bit more. Regardless of your project, we want to help you see things in a new way, give new energy and help you in the management team to focus on your core business and grow your company.

Unified Commerce will help you create your strategy!

  • Do you have business critical decisions you need to make?
  • Do you need help with creating a digital strategy, prioritize your work and a road map to follow?
  • Are you experiencing decreased sales?
  • Do you need to work in a more effective way with internal processes?




AM-Analyze of current status

We will analyze your current status, position on the market, challenges and possibilities the coming year. We will look closely into your industry and competitors. We will conduct research of your business, analyze the technology your using, checking your processes and digital presence.  

PM-Vision, strategy and road map

Knowing your industry, position on the market and with our experience we will investigate your business targets and together set a strategy for the right way forward for your company. After our meeting you will receive a road map with our recommendations for your business, a proposal on how you can prioritize your work and the smartest way moving forward.  



Needs, size and focus

We will decide on next step and way of working together with you for your next project. What business critical challenges within the digital eco system should we focus on? One project or the bigger picture? Maybe you need a new e-commerce platform? Maybe you need more knowledge about your customers? Or maybe you need to have a second opinion about your marketing and business development? 


  • Risk analysis and setting up a project
  • Business case
  • User research/Target audience analysis
  • Internal analysis
  • GAP-analysis
  • Mapping your IT systems and a deeper technical analysis
  • Analyze your customer data, buying behavior, web data and branding 

Service Packaging

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