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Let’s be honest We’ve all been there. It’s difficult to keep track of all parts in a business. We know that time is not enough for everything you want to achive, and to make great analysis of data info, that takes time. It’s not hard to find all the data you might need, the hard part is to decide what info is relevant and what to do with it.

How does it work?

Micro Analysis

Our Micro Analysis is a monthly report of your business KPI’s where we do the analysis work so that you can focus on growing your e-commerce. We categorize events and acts if something is required so that you are in full control of your business. A report where you can easily see all relevant data in one dashboard but also go in depth where our senior business developers have analyzed your site in detail.

Our micro analysis is built up out of a colour scheme category system where:

Green – Means all is working well, keep up the good work

Yellow  – This will require action in the future

Red  – This require action nowThis gives you full control over your business and time to focus on creating a better tomorrow, for you, and your customers.

Micro Analysis

How does it work?

We always start with you meeting our Business Developers who will work with your e-commerce and together you will set up the five KPI’s that we will follow up on.After that, we will create a dashboard in Google DataStudio where you can follow our daily work and you will receive a full report on a monthly basis together with our thoughts and analysis of future recommendations to tweak your business.This report is unique for every client of ours, where depending on your business we analyze the areas that really makes a difference for you.

In connection with the monthly report we always visit you in person for a chance to discuss the analysis and decide on next steps for your business the following month. With the Micro Analysis, you get the experience of having your own inhouse analysis team.

Microanalysis level 2

When you want to be in full control over your business and work more active with analysis.You get all that is already included in the Micro Analysis, plus:A weekly full report instead of a monthlyOne hour of project management, system developer or business developers time  This means four reports instead of one, a dedicated team who works with your business and takes immediate action on crucial events.

Why should you have a Micro Analysis?

The greatest advantages of working in a digital business is that you never have to guess what your next step should be. You already have all the answers, in the footprints that you customers leave on your site, how they act and what they want. It’s all there. So, let us analyze this and help you take your business to the next level.

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