Is your e-commerce business up to date?

You go to the dentist once a year, you take your car to the mechanic and MedTech is hotter than ever, so why shouldn’t the same rules apply to your e-commerce business? To work proactivelya is key for a successful business, see it as an insurance for your e-com site.  

“By proactively working with health checks on your e-com site, you can make sure it’s perfectly optimized, sell more and grow faster”

Sofie Hedman, Business Analyst and Project Manager at Sigma Unified Commerce.

At Sigma Unified Commerce we understand that e-commerce isn’t a just a technical system, its’s an eco-system. Where all areas of your e-com business needs to pe properly optimized for your business to be successful. E-commerce is an industry of continuous change, a never-ending project but where refinement and development are key. Your platform, logistic, tech, marketing, conversion and business systems needs to be working seamlessly together. That is why we have developed our new offer, The Health Check for e-commerce, where our business developers work side by side with our system developers to optimize your shop.

In this unique service we look at the whole picture of your e-commerce business and how you wish to go, rather than only one area that could be common in other check-ups.  

What this actually means is that we measure and collects data around your e-commerce business from an omni perspective where we analyze which areas you need to optimize in order to grow faster. In my background as an e-commerce manager and business development manager, I know that the challenges you have as a manager could be very different regarding on what type of e-com business you are running. If logistics is a challenge at one business, payments can be the challenge of another. Another very common challenge is that you have many different systems and platforms, but only use some parts of them, where some functions overlap the systems.

With our background in system development for e-commerce we have a full team of system developers who can analyze the choices of platforms and systems so that you are using the full potential for what you are actually paying for. This will save you both time and money in the long run. PIM, Platforms and CRM is just some of the systems we are experts on.  

“Sigma was a strong and innovative support for us when we together developed a new logistic flow for our returns. A flow that would simply the process for both us and our customers.”  Johanna Jörgner, Head Of PMO, 

By analyzing all areas and systems of your e-commerce, regardless of if it’s logistics, marketing or any of the other areas you are working with we will be able so find a fitting solution for your challenges, as we did for

healthcheck for ecommerce by Sigma

Why should your customers shop at yours and not at your competitors?

How you work with branding and core messages for your e-com business shouldn’t only be something that your brand manager is working with, it should be in your DNA. If you market yourself with having the largest assortment, the site should also be able to manage the largest assortment and you need to adapt your logistic, PIM-system and platform to be able to handle a large amount of SKU’s. Regardless of what your core message is to your customers, your systems need to be able to back it up. Then add if you are active in different markets or if you manage more than one URL to the game, well, then we are really talking about the eco-system of e-commerce and an omni perspective is key.

With our senior e-commerce specialists, we make sure your dreams don’t only stay at dreams, we make them come true, we fulfill them, and we will help you push your business in the right direction. This can mean we need to create a technical solution, that we need to improve traffic or investigate your logistics. Regardless of your challenge, with the Health Check, we will find a solution.  

Everyone can’t be the expert on everything, but we have gathered the best specialist in the business and together we at Sigma Unified Commerce has helped some of the world’s most successful e-commerce businesses to grow over the last 30 years.  

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