Sigma introduced TUI to omnichannel communication using our single platform, Unified Communication.


TUI Nordic has been collaborating with Sigma on travel communications since 2005. Sigma collaborated with TUI on their digital service, Question the Guides, and built this service using Unified Communication.  

The information distributed through Question the Guides can appear across many channels, including the My Holiday app, via SMS or email.  

Question the Guides communications can be used both before and during the holiday. Everyone involved in the process has access to the same information, including the traveler, local representatives at the destination. customer service and the web team  

Personalized service 

A personalized approach is what has made Question the Guides so successful. Travelers receive current, informative and relevant messages. Sigma’s omnichannel platform enables the right message, to be sent at the right time, and on the right channel.   

Automated processes 

Using fully automated processes, TUI can be proactive with everything from service information to personalized communications. For example, travelers can be notified as to which conveyor belt their luggage is on or told when and where guides are available.  By providing this information, TUI can both reduce manual onsite work and reduce a range of questions from travelers. In this respect, Unified Communication helps to build loyalty and customer satisfaction as well as to contribute important information. 

The service has recently been developed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) support. For example, generic questions (such as the customer's transfer times) can be automatically answered by a chatbot. This also helps TUI to focus its efforts where they are needed most. The solution can also support the marketing department in both sales, excursion offers and customer satisfaction surveys.   

Key requirements for TUI

  • Personalized mass communication
  • Group messaging
  • Transfer information
  • Flight and delay related information
  • Crisis management
  • Upselling
  • Surveys

Unified Communication has had a positive impact on TUI Nordic’s customer journey. From the good results of this implementation, Unified Communication has been extended to several other companies within TUI. 

Today, in addition to TUI Nordic, the service is delivered to both TUI Group (UK) and TUI Destination Experience (Spain) and Nazar. TUI currently has over 3500 unique users of the system. They send over 25 million messages annually to travelers from 12 countries in 10 different languages. 

Through Question the Guides, TUI can combine important information and a personalized service in their customer communications.  

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