Overview of Sitecore eLearning

If you are trying to learn Sitecore then the best source for you to start from would be https://elearning.sitecore.net. Here not only the courses are well structured, but they come with some hands-on practice and yes with a price. Once you complete each eLearning you will be awarded with a Certificate which you can showcase as your achievement. This blog gives you an overview of what you can get from the elearning.sitecore.net.

Anyone can take these eLearning and attempt for the Certification Exams (SXP: Sitecore® 9.0 Certified Platform Associate Developer and SXC: Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9.0: Essentials Certification) at a Test centre or Online proctored but with a  hefty registration fee and If you do not pass then no worries you can retake as many times as you can but yes with the same registration cost for each retake. Sitecore do sometimes releases some offers and discounts on the certification which you can grab to save your money.

Ever wondered why there is so much value and demand of Sitecore Certification?

For developers:

  • Provides with certification
  • Validates your Sitecore skills and knowledge
  • Establishes your credibility and expertise with your peers
  • Gives you more visibility within the marketplace
  • The Privileges to access different Sitecore releases downloads, Marketplace and docs (not license) or Sitecore Developer Network.

For organizations or employers:

  • Helps your hire Sitecore expertise
  • Differentiates you in a marketplace of Sitecore solution providers

The eLearning is divided into 3 categories: Business UsersDevelopers and Marketers.Students may start, stop and restart the course as many times as needed.


Bussiness Users

This contain only one eLearning and which is on Sitecore® Web Experience Management eLearning. The modules covered in this are as below:



This contain only one eLearning and which is on Sitecore® Context Marketing Fundamentals eLearningThe modules covered in this are as below:



There are 6 eLearnings under this section and out of which only two are free as of now.


The latest release from Sitecore are Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 Update-2 and Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 Update-2 on 13 Jul 2018. I would suggest giving priority to Sitecore® 9.0 Developer Foundation eLearning. Moreover, Sitecore have come across a long way with the 9.0 release and it is always wiser to get trained on the latest. So without wasting any further time let us see what we need to do to get certified on the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience commerce.

Sitecore Experience Platform eLearning and certification

Prerequisites: Understanding on OOPS, ASP.NET MVC developers and C#. Students MUST have a Sitecore License, including xDB, to complete this course.

If you do not have a license, then do not worry register on Sitecore Developer Trial Program and receive a trial license for 60 days free of charge.

Step 1: Register on the Sitecore eLearning to view the eLearning and buy (free) Sitecore® 9.0 Developer Foundation eLearning. If you are new to Sitecore then this eLearning is a must for you to start with. The eLearning course length is 5 hours (you might take some more hours) with well-structured and planned to give you a head start on Sitecore CMS.

An overview of the course is shown below:


Step 2: Buy to register for the Sitecore® 9.0 Platform Essentials for Developers eLearning and learn. This is the advanced module as the prerequisites for this is to take the free Sitecore® Developer Foundations eLearning. The overview of the modules are as below:

  • Introducing the Sitecore® Experience Platform
  • Creating the Site’s Content Structure
  • Creating the Site’s Presentation
  • Increasing Component Reusability
  • Applying Navigation Practices Within the Site
  • Configuring and Extending Sitecore
  • Working with Complex Fields
  • Implementing Search-Driven Components

Being a Sitecore certified developer and yes with the experience on the exam I can say only this eLearning will not be enough for clearing the certification exam. If you are serious about getting certified on the very first attempt, then the only way to get this is by practicing, working using the Sitecore application and making the basics clear. You can get more details on the Certification Exam, study aids and Sample questions from the Exam Study Guide.

Exam Duration: 90 Minutes (you can do it within 45 Minutes to 70 Minutes)

Exam Length: 50 Questions (objectives)

Pass/Fail mark: 80%

Note: All the above eLearning are not mandatory to complete to apply for the Certification Exam.

Step 3: Once you are confident and ready then register for “Sitecore® 9.0 Certified Platform Associate Developerhere by paying (Payment option available only with credit cards). There are also other certification exams which you can appear for, but the latest and valuable ones are Sitecore® 9.0 Certified Platform Associate Developer and Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9.0: Essentials Certification.




Note: Make sure you have good internet connectivity when you choose for online proctored certification exams as these are video monitored and if the video flickers or connectivity is poor then your exam would be cancelled and would be rescheduled. The best options to stay away from such problem is appearing for the exam in a Test centre. You can get more understanding on the Registration process for the certification here.

Sitecore Experience Commerce eLearning and certification

Sitecore have recently introduced THREE BRAND NEW COURSES for Sitecore Commerce.


Prerequisites: Sitecore Experience Platform, ASP.NET MVC developers and solution architects with advanced C# skills

Step 1: Login to Sitecore eLearning to Buy or use Coupon/Discount code to register for Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9 100: Overview. This eLearning is the basic Overview of Sitecore XC and is a definite for someone who is new to commerce and Sitecore XC. The topics are well structured with fair number of hands-on practises designed for each module.

The topics covered by the course are:


Step 2: Buy or use Coupon/Discount code to register for Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9 200: Essentials. This is the advance training which dig deep in to the Implementation of Sitecore XC providing details on the Sitecore XC plugins, Using SXA for Sitecore XC Storefront, Using Postman, Working with Braintree (Payment tool), Sellable items, Promotions and much more.

The course outline is as below:


Step 3: Once you complete the above trainings you will get a mail to your registered email id with a Voucher code and the email will say:

You will now be able to take the Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9.0: Essentials Certification exam. If you pass the exam successfully, you become a Sitecore Certified Commerce Developerwhich will enable you access to the Sitecore Developer Network along with other associated benefits.

To register for your exam please follow the Registering for the Developer Certification Exams tutorial located in the eLearning Support Portal and use the voucher code ************ at checkout. 😊

The Exam study guide will help you with details on the Certification Exam, study aids and Sample questions.

Exam Duration: 90 Minutes (you can do it within 45 Minutes to 70 Minutes)

Exam Length: 50 Questions (objectives)

Pass/Fail mark: 80%

Note: If you do not have a Voucher or discount coupon or you want to appear for the Certification Exam(Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9.0: Essentials Certification) directly without the going through the two commerce eLearning then also you can register for the exam here.

Step 4: The instructor-led training (ILT) course Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0: Developers 300 will enhance your ability to extend the Sitecore Commerce Engine using plugins and the functionality of a storefront using Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) and with a cost.

Prerequisites: Students should have passed the certification exam associated with the 200: Essentials eLearning course.

The course outline for this is as below:

  • Creating a Storefront Site
  • Configuring the Storefront Site
  • Creating a Site Page Framework
  • Rendering Sellable Items
  • Creating the Order Flow
  • Creating the Account Pages
  • Publishing the Site
  • Performing a Sitecore Commerce Engine Integration
  • Creating a Product Comparison Plugin
  • Creating SXA Storefront Components for the Product Comparison Feature

Voila! Happy learning and all the best for your Certification exams.

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