Sigma MDM - from great to greater

Swedish Sigma MDM, Enterprise partner with Danish Stibo Systems has always been an agile group of individuals, geographically distributed, alternating remote work with onsite work when required, whatever would serve the greater good in our customer projects, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, not one but four new, talented professionals are joining our international team! “I am excited and proud to announce that our team is growing bigger and our horizon broadens.”, says Fredrik Larsson, Business Unit Manager Sigma MDM. 

We welcome Cathrine Cullberg, who will join us as Senior Project Manager, coming from a similar role in another Sigma unit, and Sara Frykman, joining the team as a Business Consultant. Sara has experience with process development and organizational change, as well as previous work on the Stibo Systems Step platform. Furthermore, Vamsi Epari is also joining us, extending our large team of fully certified Stibo Step consultants in our Bangalore office. 

Our growing pipeline, strong position in the Nordic market and our great team that is continuously getting greater, makes us confident in expanding our offerings further to the India and South East Asia region. We do this together with, and supported by, our partner Stibo Systems. We already have a large office in Bangalore, and half of our team located there, and now we are building a local sales department with a regional Sales Director on site, for the task.We welcome Pawan Devalapura in this role. With his long and broad experience from MDM solutions, and from working both in Europe and India, it will be exciting to see what the future will bring.

No matter if you work from our HQ in Gothenburg, at home in the Swedish countryside or uptown Bangalore India, Sigma MDM are closely collaborating as a unit, supporting each other with a genuine belief in “all for one and one for all”. A true cross functional team where shared values and ambitions fueled with overlapping expertise and combined experiences has proven a successful recipe.

Your vibe attracts your tribe and we choose to believe that our new team members are as happy as we are to be chosen. Even if this year has been clouded in many ways, I dare to say that the sun is shining on Sigma MDM and 2021 is looking bright so let’s rejoice!

Anna Enarsson, Marketing Manager, Sigma MDM, Stockholm