How we built a better customer experience for Michelin

Date: October 5, 2020
Location: Online
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We were selected by inRiver to work on one of the first Prime Projects together with them. The customer was Michelin, an enterprise project with a focus on exceptional customer experience. During the upcoming PIMPoint Digital 2020 we will be presenting together with inRiver and Michelin to share our knowledge and learnings from this project.

PIM systems, processes and data have shifted drastically in importance the last 5 years, and we are only at the beginning of this massive movement. Expectations are high on product information and data and regulations of data standards, traceability and quality are more frequent. PIM have become a critical system and a critical process, and to be competitive in the ever-growing marketing noise, brands really need to focus and think about how to keep being attractive and relevant.

It’s in this context that we are happy and humble to share not necessarily the only way to meet this super challenging future, but a proposal, an example, our pitfalls and our successes where we believe that the success started with our project team.

Do you want to know how we created a better customer experience with Michelin? Together with inRiver and Michelin we are going to be the first one out presenting on PIMpoint, October 5th. We will talk about how Michelin leveraged PIM to help streamline the people, process, and supporting technologies.

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