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Micro analysis

In my work as an e-commerce manager and business developer at small and large companies through put the years, I know that you’re to-do-list never ends, there will always be something requiring your attention. I have worked both on a local and international level, in startups and billion SEK companies and even though these businesses differ quite a lot, they also have a lot in common. I believe you need to enjoy always striving for the next big thing, in an industry in constant change in order to fit the role as e-commerce manager or business developer. So, let’s be real. We know that it can be a challenge to connect all areas. We’ve all been there. We know that time is not enough for everything you want to achieve, and to make great analysis of data info, that takes time. It’s not hard to find all the data you might need; the hard part is to decide what info is relevant and what to do with it. 

That is why I’m so happy to join Sigmas Unifies Commerce team at the time when we launch our new service, the Micro Analysis. This is a service that will be a standard service for many of our customers where we on a monthly basis analyses our customers data so that they can focus on their core business and grow faster.

You get a monthly or weekly report with where we together set up the most important KPI’s to follow, monitor and analyze for your business.  

We will help you work proactive and to act instead of reacting. The micro analysis gives you full control over the data for your e-commerce business. With a team of senior business developers and system developers we know that e-commerce is not a tech system, it’s an ecosystem, where creativity is based on information and data for creating the best web experiences. At Sigma we have a saying “Expect a better tomorrow”, for us, our customers and the world. It starts with the curious ones. With the eyes, seeing things differently. It starts with the ones getting things done. With full control over your e-commerce business you can dare to try out more innovative solutions more often, because you know that your decision is based on data and information. The greatest advantages of working in a digital business is that you never have to guess what your next step should be. You already have all the answers, in the footprints that you customers leave on your site, how they act and what they want. It’s all there. So, let us analyze this and help you take your business to the next level.

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