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Research shows that when people have to many choices, they usually end up with not choosing at all. In “The Paradox of Choice – Why more is Less” by the American physiologist Barry Schwartz, he explain that when consumers have to many choices, not only do they have a harder time making a choice, but that they get less happy with the choice they actually make since there was a huge possibility of them making the wrong decision.

And with this in the back of our heads, let’s look in to how we work with e-commerce. That we help the customer navigate and that we gives out clear messages is extremely important, not only because it will help us sell more, but also that a shop without a clear strategy is harder to work with for your team and they will have issues focusing on the bigger picture and your goals, in fact, they might not even know what that is.

A strategy helps you find your “why” on your digital journey.

When we set an e-commerce strategy for our customers, we always start with looking into the processes and systems of the business. We carefully analyze your business and how you wish to grow and after that gives you our recommendations for achieving your goal and helps you implement the new way of working. Because as important as it is to have a strategy, it’s equally important that your team actively works with the strategy on a daily basis and that is always-on. That is why we always follow up with our customers two months after implemented a new strategy to see how the work process is going and what we can do to improve it even more.

e-commerce strategy

I used to work as an e-commerce manager and business developer for the last 10 years, so I know how easy it is to constantly wanting to improve your e-commerce business. And in an industry of constant change, staying on top of your game is crucial. At the same time, I also know that all new innovative ideas for e-commerce is not for every business. One thing that work greats for one shop, may or may not do that for another one. That is why it’s so important to have a clear strategy so that you know how to prioritize development. Most of our most successful e-commerce businesses has a clear “why” both for the consumers and the business itself. As an e-commerce enthusiast, I have made it “my thing” to always shop what I can only, just to stay up to date with current trends and test new functions at different retailers, and what I’ve learned from this is to do the right thing at the right moment is the way to go, and the right development for your unique shop. In a world of endless possibilities, a clear e-commerce strategy is your key to success online.

e-commerce strategy

So let’s finalize with looking into how you can start creating your own e-commerce strategy today:    

  • Do you now your data? Do you work with guesstimations instead of estimations? It should always be data that opens up for creativity and not the other way around. The luxury of working in a digital world is that everything is measurable. ·      
  • Find your ”Why”. Why should the customer shop with you? Why do you have an e-commerce site? Customers today value companies that has a clear purpose and vision. If you don’t know why the customers should shop at yours and not your competition, I’m sure your customers don’t know that either      
  • Is e-commerce your only Sales channel or do you also go offline? Do you have any more channels where you meet your customer? Have a clear way of working for each channel and how they create an omni e-com world and a seamless experience for your customers.       
  • Who is your customer and what does your customer wants? How do they act on your site? What is important for them? Get to know your customer, become their best friend and make it a part of your strategy.      

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