Do you need a pair of extra hands?

I’ve worked in e-commerce for the last 10 years and in a business of constant change, I’ve noticed it’s even harder to find the right new teammate since the area of e-com is relatively new, so there is a lack of personnel. Research has shown that we need to educate more than 70 000 extra people within the IT sector the following years. At Sigma Unified Commerce our focus has been to strengthen our offer within e-commerce and has recruited experienced e-commerce managers and business developers from some of the world’s leading e-commerce businesses. Thanks to this we can now offer a 360 view on e-commerce and assist our customers in finding the right consultant for them. We know that many who are working with e-commerce has a background from either tech, marketing, business or logistics. Few has been working with all areas, and it’s natural that one person can’t be the expert on all areas. This means that you either must hire expensive senior staff to cover up all areas, or junior staff that you can train for your business, neither solution ideal.


What do we do?

At Sigma Unified Commerce we wanted to come up with a solution for this problem. And with more than 30 years of experience within web services, we decided that our current and future customers should have the availability to work with our consultants inhouse for a longer or shorter period. We understand the devastation of having to wait in your new e-commerce manager recruit during Black Friday or how hard it can be to find a parental cover leave for a shorter period. Maybe you have a project you been wanting to start up but don’t have the capacity for yet? Regardless of your challenge, we’re here for you. Our e-commerce consultants are senior specialists where many has previously been working at some of the world’s most successful e-commerce businesses but felt that they could make more use of their competence as consultants. Others has been with us at Unified Commerce for years where they have managed e-commerce accounts from start to end, setting up new businesses for our customers as project managers, developers and business analysts. We know e-commerce and we are looking forward to helping you grow your business. We know that e-commerce isn’t a tech system, it’s an eco-system, where all areas must be optimized for your business to be successful. Ok, that sounds good.

But how much does it cost?

The most common asked question we get is if it’s expensive to work with consultants? But I would like to turn this question around. How much would it cost you not to bring in extra people or chose not to move forward with that project due to the lack of staff? E-commerce is an industry of constant change and to be able to develop your site can be make it or break it. If you have high and low’s in sale due to different sales periods, it’s even more important. Maybe you don’t need that extra pair of hands the full year, but would love some extra help during Black Friday? We got you! With a strong track record from tech, e-commerce, marketing and international businesses we dare to say that we know what it takes to grow a business. Make the question if you need to bring in a pair of extra hands a bit easier to answer. Work with a partner that are used to quickly adapt to your business and help you grow faster. We care, because if you succeed, that’s how we succeed.  

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Sofie Hedman, Project Manager and Business Analyst at Unified Commerce Sigma


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