How to conversion optimize your shop in 3 steps

conversion analysis

1. What is a conversion for your business?

I think most people see a conversion as ”add to cart” or a sale of something. But a conversion can be different things for different companies, depending on what you want your visitors to do on your site. Before you start your conversion optimization you need to know what a conversion is for your business. What a conversion really is, is when our visitors act they way we wants them to on our site. This can mean ”add to cart”, but it can also mean that they are reading the full blog post or that they click on your CTA or in any other ways act as we wish they would.

2. Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?

Do you think your competitors’ sites are preforming better? Do your competitors sell more? It’s time to change that! ”Ah, this is when I change colour on my CTA’s” you think. But no, it comes down to a lot more than that. Even if changing colour on your buttons can make you sell more, the most important thing is to prioritize and sort among the things you would like to change on your site. Be inspired by your competition but know your own site the best. Make it your own sport, in to knowing how your customers act and will act on your site and how you can help them convert. I use to see it as walking into an IKEA store. We have all been there. Today, you are looking to buy a bed. Once in the department store, there is a clear way for your pointed out by arrows on how to find your way to the bed department. So, you will follow the arrows, walking in the wrong direction would make you feel very weird. On your way to the bed, you also pick up napkins and a frying pan. You arrive to the bed, you try it out but feel that, no today is not the day to buy a bed, after all it’s quite an investment. So, you follow the arrows to the way out, and by the way, did you pick up candles? Cause let’s be honest, who has ever left IKEA without candles? You pay in the cashier and also get a 1-euro hotdog at the exit. You feel like you made such a bargain! Two weeks later, you order your bed online (cause let’s be real, it’s exhausting to carry a bed yourself). Everyone is happy.

And why am I telling you this story? Because you need to think in the same way when it comes to your e-commerce business. Regardless from where your customers arrive to your shop, there should be a clear way for them to follow. They might not buy that big expensive product today, but they should never leave your shop without candles. And if you also are offering them something extra at the check out (hotdog) they will leave it and feel like winners, and who doesn’t want to do that?

3. What does success look like?

Speaking about winning. I love celebrating victories in life, both in everyday life and on more special occasions. I’m a marathon runner, so I know that endurance is key, but I also know that the feeling when you cross the finish line, is the best one ever. But what if you don’t know when you are crossing that line? How do you then celebrate? That is why the most important step in conversion optimization is to measure your data so that you know what success looks like and if you are making progress. By doing so, you know when it’s time to start celebrating!

”It’s an Add to Cart kind of Day”

– Unknown Genius

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