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Taking control over and manage your organization’s data can be a real game changer in today’s digital battlegrounds and that is exactly what MDM is about. It can be very costly to downgrade or underestimate the impact of bad data, but it is never too late to let the data start working for you. The question you should ask yourself is: How can our data drive the business and improve our revenue?  

Sometimes it takes a real crisis for people to wake up and act but in business it can be fatal to be that reactive. We have never had so many MDM related conversions in our inbound web statistics before, and many of them are straight forward questions like “What is Master Data Management”? and “What does MDM mean”? In general, the maturity level and knowledge in Master Data Management in organizations today are quite low even if the vision is to become more data driven the quality and use of data is unfortunately still seen as an IT problem, rather than a strategic business move. We see this as we quite often receive RFIs from companies filled with very specific technical requirements and less on what kind of problems they would like to solve or ROI they wish from a new MDM system.  

Earlier this year Sigma launched an online MDM Maturity Assessment for organizations to benchmark their current level of knowledge in MDM, but also to be able to visualize areas of possible development and improvement. It is so much easier to set up goals and to measure impact on initiatives if you can get an overview of the current. The MDM Maturity Assessment is a free online tool for anybody to use, and can be a great kick-off to start working on that winning MDM strategy.  

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MDM for Dummies

If you want some answers right now and want to level up your MDM maturity, Sigma’s partner Stibo Systems, a world leading MDM system company, just released a brand new eBook on the subject.   

Transforming Business with Master Data Management for Dummies – Brought to you by Stibo Systems.  

MDM ebook for dummies

This ebook examines the importance of MDM and how to ensure your data is accurate, trustworthy, consistent and shareable across your enterprise and value chain.  

Download your free copy and get expert advice from Stibo Systems on topics such as:

  • The need for data transparency
  • The value of master data
  • Building a digital business hub strategy
  • Mastering multiple data domains
  • Good data practices to follow
  • Key factors for success 

MDM ebook for dummies

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