MDM by Sigma launches new online assessment to measure your maturity level in Master Data Management

Sigma MDM releases a free online tool to analyse and visualise your current Master Data Management maturity level so you can focus on moving forward. Master Data Management can very well be the difference between scaling or failing in a data driven digital transformation and knowing where you stand today will guide you in where to go next and helping you measure how far you have come. Master Data Management (MDM) has always been a challenge for larger organizations. Today, however, the problem has become much more apparent due to cross functional use of data in multiple systems. Sigma MDM, which is part of Sigma IT, Unified Commerce, is a unit dedicated to this area

“A company's maturity level in terms of master data, as well as focus on MDM, affects it’s ability to achieve business goals, the opportunities for accurate BI analysis, as well as the opportunities to introduce and take advantage of modern technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, RPA and more. To get a grip on where you are and where you want to be within Master Data Management is therefore of great importance.”
Fredrik Larsson, Business Unit Manager, Sigma IT, Unified Commerce

MDM Maturity Assessment

We at Sigma are experts in Master Data Management and have developed a simple and effective tool for testing your maturity level - MDM Maturity Assessment. Our tool can quickly give you an idea of your status and your strengths and weaknesses regarding master data in your company.

Sigma's MDM Maturity Assessment is a free web survey that you fill in yourself online. The result provides an analysis and visualization of the current maturity level and can help set a vision and goals for what maturity level you as a company want to be at in the MDM area. The result can also work as the foundation for an internal discussion on an MDM initiative or measuring effect before and after a MDM project.

Have you come a long way in your work with MDM already and want to have it confirmed?

Or do you need an in-house discussion basis for why and how you want to develop your work with MDM further?

Go to the MDM Maturity Assessment here

Results and follow-up

After you have completed the survey, we will follow up and present the results to you.


If you do not want to wait, but get in touch with us directly at Sigma MDM for a consultation or talk with experienced experts in MDM, please contact us directly.  



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