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Unified Commerce is a specialist unit within Sigma that delivers everything you need when it comes to digital commerce. Our goal is to provide our customers with a simpler and more efficient management, as well as giving our customers' customers a better experience. We do this by assembling all systems dealing with digital trade and customer dialogue into an ecosystem that provides a seamless experience for all involved.


Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce involves coordinating your systems so that the same information is available in all channels at once and unique opportunities arise in the processes between your systems.


We help to create user-friendly online stores that provide customer satisfaction. We are experts in everything from analysis and implementation to management, support and operations. We can do the technical bit as well as the business bit and we know which technologies support your strategy in the best way.


Sigma has got Scandinavia's most experienced consultants within PIM (Product Information Management). Our specialists have many years of experience when it comes to business development, strategies, tools, processes, integrations, governance and standards for central PIM.


Sigma has got Scandinavia's most experienced consultants within MDM (Master Data Management). Our specialists have many years of experience when it comes to business development, strategies, tools, processes, integrations, governance and standards for central MDM.

Digital strategy & customer experience

Sigma helps you ensure business models, customize context, evaluate you in relation to your industry, as well as future-proof e-platforms that underlie your company's digital priorities in the future.

Unified Communication

Unified Communication is a platform for text-based multichannel communication with customers or other actors. Messages can be created automatically or manually from different systems, and all dialogs are gathered in one place.

Support & Management

With our support service, Care, we solve eventual problems, manage your systems, and provide support in further development of the systems.

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Service packaging

e-commerce consultants

Do you need a pair of extra hands?

The question of, if and when you need to add a pair of extra hands to your team is not always that easy. To hire new staff can be costly and there is always a risk that it won’t work out and that you must do everything all over again. Because we are working with people different personalities, who needs to work out in a team, in a company and believe in the company’s vision. That is why it’s sometimes easier to wait to hire new staff until the limit is reached

e-commerce strategy

How to become creative within a strategy

I’m quite sure you have heard this before but having a clear e-commerce strategy should be the foundation for every e-commerce business. With a clear strategy your teams will become more successful, more innovative and you will grow faster.  

Establishing your e-commerce business in the Nordics?

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Did you know that in the Nordics we have some of the world’s top System Developers? That cash is not king, or that it’s almost 3000 km from the north to south of Scandinavia?

Healthcheck for e-commerce

Is your e-commerce business up to date?  

You go to the dentist once a year, you take your car to the mechanic and MedTech is hotter than ever, so why shouldn’t the same rules apply to your e-commerce business? To work proactivelya is key for a successful business, see it as an insurance for your e-com site.

How to conversion optimize your shop in 3 steps

No one can have missed that the hottest subject within e-commerce the last couple of years has been conversion optimization, or CRO as it’s also called. But how to you actually conversion optimize your site? How do you convert your visitors into customers


Get time over to level up your business with our Micro Analysis. How analyzing your data helps you stay one step ahead. By working with micro analysis, we can optimize your e-commerce and create new business opportunities.

Digital Strategy, where to start?

The management team and the CEO have the responsibility for the company’s goals and future development, but the challenge is to prioritize and to know where to start. Most of the time the more operative questions are the most frequently discussed and there can be a lack of possibilities to discussing a broader picture and strategy.

The PIM Accelerator – a unique offer from Sigma based on Stibo Systems PMDM for Retail!

Sigma launches The PIM Accelerator - a stand alone PIM solution based on the flexible Stibo STEP platform. It can serve as a MVP (minimal viable product) for a PIM XL solution or a multi domain MDM solution to build upon. The solution is a cloud-based SaaS solution and put together as an Industry Best Practise. The PIM Accelerator is unique because retailers get everything they need and nothing they don’t and in only 10 weeks!

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Master Data Alliance - MDM made in Europe

Unique Pan-European MDM Alliance formed

“It all started with some really good conversations and meetings about shared problems as well as opportunities and after a couple of joint ventures we formed a special bond. We feel confident that we can bring extra value to our customers by working together like this. We can help any MDM customer to master their data!”

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Sigma has been awarded Contributing Gold Partner status by Umbraco

Sigma has been awarded Contributing Gold Partner status by Umbraco, and we are proud to be one of 26 gold partners is truly an an honorWe’ve done a lot with the Umbraco product over the years and it’s given us the chance to support some amazing customers, who have chosen it as part of their digital strategy.

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Integration of PIM systems, business systems and web for  Rusta

Omni channel- communication in the form of Guide Online for TUI.

Implementation and support of Omni-channel communication with one single interface. Read more

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about us or what we do. We look forward to hear from you!